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Digital Marketing for healthcare providers

Zuber Sheikh, MD, Rank My Business, India notes that consumer behaviour in the health segment has begun to mirror that of other more ‘commercial’ segments, creating new challenges and opportunities for healthcare service providers today. He gives some insights and strategies on how healthcare providers can upgrade their digital game
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Why digital marketing cannot be ignored during and after coronavirus pandemic

The world is in the grips of a never before seen crisis, triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are not only referring to the spread of the disease, frequent lockdowns, and social isolation, but also the many repercussions on life and business during this period. The economic impact of this across the globe has been […]
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Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

The real estate industry in India has been witnessing some shifts along with a slowdown since a while now. With changing customer demands and unsold inventory, reduced liquidity and rising Non Performing Assets in construction finance, the industry needs to look at new alternatives in digital marketing to revive buyer interest.
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How real estate brands can use SEO to their benefit

The current state of global events triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic has hit all industries. Real estate is among the many industries that have almost come to a standstill, due to the countrywide lockdown and social distancing measures in place everywhere.
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India still doesnt give seo the importance it deserves

We have all contributed, and been witness to the exponential rise of internet usage in India. The advent of the smart phone and affordable internet access has radically transformed the digital landscape in the country, and has spurred new behaviours in all areas of life.
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Digital sales will be the new normal

The global shutdown of most offline retail stores has dealt a massive blow to those businesses which have been solely dependent on brick and mortar sales.